Graphics and Rendering

Before a product reaches the manufacturing floor, it must be designed. Every product begins its life as a proposed project that requires financing. If the idea is not presented properly, the product may never become a reality.

We recognize this and work with our customers through a preliminary design phase, where the complete idea is modeled and graphically rendered along with the basic product specifications. This phase also allows for a realistic feasibility and cost analysis, which is key to making the final stop or go development decision.


Preliminary Specification

Work closely with our customer in the development of the product specifications.

Estimated Development Costs

Generate project development plan, including time schedule, materials, tools, and labor costs.


Produce a minimum of two (more if desired) distinct designs and present them for selection and approval.


Produce complete graphical product renderings in shaded, full-color 3D for each produced design. These renderings may be presented embedded within real life pictures (if so contracted).