About Us

Sciencedge is a technology multidisciplinary design group that has developed products used around the world in the medical, appliance, entertainment, and computing industries. We have gained expertise in multiple fields for over 70 years, maintaining a network of talented designers and suppliers. Our goal is always to achieve the best possible design solution for the task at hand.

Services We Offer

Electronic Design

Analog: DC and AC (sub-sonic thru microwave).
Digital: State-machine, High-speed logic, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and DSPs.
Power: Full range controls from micro to giga power.
Output: Complete Schematic Diagram, Interconnection Netlist, Wiring Harnesses, Bill of Materials, Test Procedures.
Implementation: For unmatched quality, performance, and cost, all our final electronic product designs' Printed Circuit Boards are transferred to our sister company PCBmax.

Mechanical Design

Full design of individual components or complete systems, including machined, extruded, molded, and sheet metal parts, 3D concepts & assemblies, 2D fabrication drawings, and BOMs.

Industrial Design

Product identity, ergonomic enclosures and controls, physical user interfaces, safety, and product packaging.

Graphics and Rendering

Branding, styling, ergonomics, layouts, brochures, manuals, and Web support materials.

Software Design

Generation of concept flowchart(s), system applications (PC and embedded), control systems, GUI, drivers, and final testing/validation. We also develop applications to run on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Prototype Support

We can deliver produce mock-ups as well as functional prototypes thru RP (rapid prototyping) and low-volume production.

Analysis Tools

We utilize Finite Element Analysis computer tools to evaluate the feasibility of concepts, studying and solving potential issues.

Medical Devices

Extensive experience on bioscience, diagnostics, and laboratory equipment product development.

Material's Selection

We'll help choosing the ideal materials (plastic, metal, ceramics, etc.) and any surface finishes or treatment necessary to deliver the best possible product's performance.

Development Testing

Standarized Testing, including filing support to obtain regulatory compliance from the applicable and required agencies.

Reverse Engineering

We ONLY support reverse engineering for the purpose of analyzing hardware and software of products legally owned by our clients.